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Darrell Capwell

Darrell Capwell joined the Board of Directors of Friends of Hexagon in 2004 as Secretary, became President of the board in 2006, then Fundraising Vice President in January 2012, then President of the board again in April 2016.

He joined Hexagon in 1992 and has been active in every show since as a singer, dancer, assistant stage manager, tech. crew guy, usher, set builder, stage crew hand, materials coordinator or producer. He has written dozens of numbers which have been performed in Hexagon shows. Darrell served as president of Hexagon from 2000 - 2002, and served on the Board of Directors for Hexagon for six years overall.

Darrell is a graduate of Princeton University where he first performed musical satirical reviews with the Princeton Triangle club. He also a M.A. in Public Communication from the American University School of Communication.

Darrell currently works at the American Federation of Teachers as the Senior Associate Director in the political department for the national office. He has worked at the Democratic National Committee, interned at the White House, and is a veteran of dozens of local, state wide and/or presidential campaigns - where he gets most of his satirical material for the numbers he writes for hexagon.