Friends of Hexagon


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Since the first show in 1956, Hexagon has grown dramatically in both the size and scope of our productions, as well as the impact we have on the beneficiaries with whom we work every year.

However, with rising costs, Hexagon is paying an increasingly substantial part of our income to produce our shows and provide space for things like auditions, writer’s meetings, rehearsals, and set storage and construction. As a result, in some years most of the money Hexagon raised went to produce and promote the show, which left a smaller share going to the beneficiary.

To address this problem, Hexagon founded a separate tax-exempt organization called Friends of Hexagon (FoH). Incorporated in February 2001, Friends of Hexagon is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization chartered in the District of Columbia that provides a means for individuals and institutions to contribute to and support Hexagon so that Hexagon can, in turn, better support its beneficiaries. As a tax-exempt entity, anyone can give to FoH knowing that such permanently recognized contributions will provide a means of giving to and staying with Hexagon.

In short, the purpose of FoH is to provide crucial long-term support for Hexagon.

The Board of Friends of Hexagon is made up of current long-time Hexagon members who have all had active roles in the leadership and every other aspect of Hexagon.