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John V."Skip" Maraney
Marketing Vice President


Skip Maraney joined the Board of Directors of Friends of Hexagon in 2005.

He became a member of Hexagon in1964 and, as of 2015, he has appeared in 36 Hexagon shows. He is a former President, Producer, Charity Vice President and Publicity Vice President of Hexagon and was selected to receive the President's Award in 1993.

In 1988, during his term as President, he institutionalized "Congress goes to Hexagon Night” as an annual event where Members of Congress appear in one Hexagon show during its run.

He is the Executive Director for the National Association of Mail Contractors.  Skip is a well-known and registered lobbyist who spends much of his time on Capitol Hill "smoozing" with Members of Congress and their staffs.

Skip received his BA and MA in Political Science from George Washington University.